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Experience a real flying lesson! You will start with a ground course, followed by a simulator session and then, a flight during which you will act as Pilot-in-command.

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Air Richelieu, formerly known as the Montreal Flying Club, has been a flight training center since 1928. Training pilots from all over the world, our expertise is to provide quality education in a sate-of-the art modern environment.

This college program that spreads over thirteen months at the Saint-Hubert airport allows aspiring ACS student pilots to obtain both their professional pilot licence and a diploma that is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Science of Quebec (MHESR) - Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de la Science du Québec (MESRS), and by the departments of education in different countries.

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Where Are They Now?

Air Richelieu is proud to have trained pilots who now work all over the world. Are you next?

Jerom Sagniez
Loic Henry
Ricardo Teoli

Maxime Robillard

Joachim Delahaye

Santiago Jimenez



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23ème édition du Salon des Formations et Métiers Aéronautiques les 6, 7 et 8 Février 2015
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Air Richelieu sera présent au Salon des Formations et Métiers Aéronautiques au Musée de l'Air du Bourget, à Paris, les 6, 7 et 8 février 2015. Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer !

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