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A student at Air Richelieu College benefits from an online portal system, allowing precise monitoring of the student pilot training progress. Information available on this system, specific to Air Richelieu is: timetable, flight and course monitoring, notes, training files, documentation etc ...

Air Richelieu College wants to be completely transparent with its students, we are an aviation college and we function like a CEGEP or a university (courses, follow-ups, grading, etc.). An educational team follows the progress or possible delays in the student's advancement in order to support him/her, at best, in the development of his capacities. We remain available at all times to our students to answer their questions / requests for advice..

Our programs use a continuous teaching model, in which all stages of instruction are sequenced (ground/simulator/flight) and are accomplished in a logical manner tailored to the student.

In order to effectively meet our learning objectives, an educational service contract is in place.



·         Graduated with a ministerial certificate or diploma (highest level of pilot study)

·         An educational team dedicated to student life

·         Student selection program and SRAM intervention

·         ATPL airline pilot program (highest level of training licence by Transport Canada)

·         AEC training provided in English or transient French to English

·         DEC training given in French only

·         More training hours completed over a modular training model

·         Access to immigration for non-resident/foreign students

·         Access to financial assistance (AFE and Desjardins, for Canadian students)

·         Access to Jazz Aviation pathway for Canadian students

·         Meet the study requirements requested by the largest Canadian airlines such as Air Canada and Air Transat








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